XR Brands introduces new ‘Slim Rimmers’ Rotating Anal Plugs with narrower shape

XR Brands is officially shipping Slim Rimmers, new narrower versions of the anal sensations that first hit the market last year. One of the first-ever anal plugs to feature rotation at their base – emulating the sensation of analingus – Rimmers became a fast favorite and, after customer request for a more beginner-friendly version, the XR Brands team set to work to create Slim Rimmers in time for the New Year.

Slim Rimmers are designed to make insertion easier and even more pleasurable. Like their predecessors, USB-rechargeable Slim Rimmers offer plugs in a variety of sizes and shapes, all featuring remote controls and waterproof premium silicone construction for the highest quality experience.

Available in three models – the smooth Slim R, the rippled Slim I, and the curved Slim M – Slim Rimmers feature internal rotating beads in each plug’s shaft. These beads provide a unique rimming sensation to the high concentration of nerve endings around the anus, and each Slim Rimmers model features a new spiral design on the neck of the plug for added texture. This unique design provides a comfortable sensation of fullness while stimulating the sensitive area around the anus, giving equal attention to the region’s inner and outer erogenous zones.

“Consumers loved the original Rimmers plugs, and the one common request we received was that customers wanted smaller, more beginner-friendly versions – so of course we obliged!” XR Brands General Manager Rebecca Weinberg said. “Slim Rimmers offer the same rim-job-like sensations but in a slimmer, easier-to-insert body. Not only do they have a sleek shape, but they also have new, textured necks that make use even more pleasurable. Today’s consumers want more from their anal plugs and Slim Rimmers really deliver. From the quality silicone construction and remote-control operation, to the unique analingus-like sensation, these plugs are in a class all their own.”

Slim Rimmers come complete with wireless remote control and a USB charging cable. Each body-safe, phthalate-free plug comes packaged in a sturdy, eye-catching box suitable for shelf or slat-wall displays.