Hosed Anal Dildo

XR Brands now shipping ‘Hosed’ extra-long anal dildos

XR Brands is shipping Hosed, a fully merchandised line of extra-long, flexible insertables, comprised of seven unique shapes all measuring 18 to 19 inches long. Hosed features a variety of textures and shapes for internal sensations. The collection includes a distinctive “swirl” design with a twirled edge running its entire length available in four versions: the 18 Inch Swirl Anal Snake, 18 Inch Swirl Thick Anal Snake, 18 Inch Swirl Thin Anal Snake, and the 19 Inch Swirl Anal Snake. Texture lovers can experiment with the 19 Inch Ribbed Anal Snake or the 19 Inch Spiral Anal Snake, and the 19 Inch Realistic Anal Dildo offers a more lifelike texture with more than a foot-and-a-half of length.

“Hosed is one of the most unique product lines we’ve made this year and fulfills a demand that has remained relatively underserved,” XR Brands General Manager Rebecca Weinberg said. “Consumers who are into size play often struggle to find dildos that are suitably long, and Hosed’s 18- and 19-inch lengths do the job while maintaining the traditional diameters that many dildo lovers prefer. Hosed makes it possible to explore penetrative depth safely, and this line is what folks have been looking for!”

Each item in the Hosed collection features a firm but flexible body and suction cup base. All Hosed dildos are made with black phthalate-free PVC and compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants. All Hosed products are packaged in durable boxes that merchandise together and are suitable for shelf or slat-wall displays. Branded signage also is available.