Luvrub Lube by Pornhub

XR Brands releases Pornhub-branded Lubricants

XR Brands has released its Pornhub lubricant collection co-branded with the online adult website. The first of its kind, this deal creates a crossover collection that combines XR Brands’ sex toy design with Pornhub’s “mainstream” marketing prowess.

The Pornhub collection will launch first with four premium USA-made lubricant varieties:

  • Luvrub glycerin-free and paraben-free water-based
  • Premiumrub water/silicone hybrid for enhanced anal pleasure
  • Hotrub warming lube
  • Pornrub glycerin-free and paraben-free water-based masturbation gel

Each product included in the line has been be designed with Pornhub’s trademark style and vast viewer demographic in mind.