Yarlap pelvic floor exerciser promises effortless kegels

Relevium Labs announce the pleasure industry debut of the company’s flagship product, the FDA-approved Yarlap pelvic floor exercise system with AutoKegel Technology. Yarlap is a sex-tech take on the Kegel-exerciser using electro stimulation. Yarlap with AutoKegel technology sends out gentle electrical pulses that stimulates the pelvic floor muscles to contract, eliminating the need for the old squeeze-and-relax routine. Yarlap with AutoKegel Technology does the whole pelvic floor workout for you – from work-out to post training massage for control to contract and relax.

“The ability to contract and relax on command are the keys to improved sexual performance and sexual expression,” says MaryEllen Reider, Director of Marketing at Relevium Labs. “AutoKegel Technology enable our users to multitask while doing their daily Kegel workout. We wanted to make sure that the Kegels were something effortless, because the rewards from good pelvic floor tome can be amazing for women of all ages and sizes and that’s available through Yarlap’s AI Technology.”

The customer inserts Yarlap’s small, round shaft coated with two smooth stainless steel plates, then turns on the remote control battery pack to cycle select from the six unique, electro-exercise programs. Originally created for the medical field to help cure female incontinence, the Yarlap system consistently produced another result that had users raving: more intensely pleasurable sexual performance with less muscle strain. The company has since developed a new marketing mission to bring this undeniably successful product to the pleasure industry.

“Kegels are the frontline of treatment from physicians [for pelvic floor issues], but most women are unable to do them correctly,” explains Reider. “Together, we had the ability to give women a proactive solution to the primary recommendation that physicians make for pelvic floor health. It not only helped them fit treatment into their lifestyle, but it gives results that are clinically expected and a pleasant surprise to the patient.”

For retailers and distributors, Relevium Labs offers special discounts for bulk orders and personalized wholesale arrangements with customer support. Yarlap comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee for consumers and is currently only available within the US.