ZALO unveils ‘Remote Pro’ App featuring seamless long-distance connectivity

ZALO has revealed its latest innovation, the new and improved Remote Pro App, which offers sophisticated connectivity and remote-control features that enable users from around the world to connect with partners and webcam customers intimately and effortlessly.

The sleek new ZALO Remote Pro App features an easy-to-understand interface that allows users to create their own private profiles, which can be shared directly and privately with anyone that they choose. Once an invitation is sent, the recipient can accept the request and then take control of the Bluetooth and WIFI-enabled ZALO pleasure device.

Pairing a compatible ZALO product with the app can be done with ease simply by scanning the device code on the item’s user manual or packaging. When the toy is synced to the app, the user and their long-distance partner are introduced to multiple ways to play.

The ZALO Remote app’s innovative features include a selection of nine Classic vibration mode options, a Musical mode that will make the device vibrate to the same rhythm of a song in your phone’s music library, as well as the Shake-It mode that will make the device vibrate with the same intensity to match how you manually shake your phone. Additionally, the ZALO Remote App features an Interactive mode that allows a long-distance companion to control the intensity or create their own unique vibration pattern by simply swiping or tapping on the screen of their mobile device.

Face-to-face interaction using the ZALO Remote Pro app’s video chat feature allows for satisfying intimacy in real time. The crystal-clear video and audio provide instant connection between long-distance partners, as well as for the growing community of webcam models and their fans.

“The debut of the ZALO Remote Pro app couldn’t have come at a better time, as consumers today are the most comfortable with exploring intimacy from afar,” says Peter Ovsonka, CEO of ZALO USA. “The rise of connecting with friends, business colleagues and fans through webcam platforms, video and livestreams has ushered in a new era that welcomes long-distance sexual experiences as acceptable and desirable. We’re pleased to facilitate these connections with the new, upgraded ZALO Remote Pro app.”

The new ZALO Remote Pro App is compatible with the latest additions to the Legend Series of premium pleasure devices that are coming soon, including the Aya Wearable Vibrator that is currently available for pre-order.