10 % discount in September on clean‘n’safe & PENISEX & CLITORISEX & EROpharm

In September the JOYDIVISION international AG again grants attractive discounts.

clean’n’safe cleans and disinfects in only 60 seconds and now with a 10% discount. Specially coordinated ingredients ensure hygienic safety and care with mild strength and without alcohol. clean’n’safe is effective against bacteria (e.g. Chlamydia), herpes, fungi and viruses (e.g. AIDS-causing HIV and corona incl. HBV, HCV, noro- and rotaviruses). After just one minute clean’n’safe has a disinfecting effect and is gentle on even sensitive surfaces such as acrylic or polycarbonate glass. clean’n’safe leaves no visible residues, is effective quickly and has a pleasant smell.

The sexual devices of PENISEX and CLITORISEX stand for quality for more than 45 years and the trade is rewarded with a 10% discount for the long lasting loyalty. The consumer can choose between capsules, ointment, creams and stimulation gel.

The PENISEX line offers capsules as food supplement for HIM. In capsule form the PENISEX capsules for men can promote lust. 

The PENISEX ointment for HIM can sometimes work wonders for the stability in case of a sensitive treatment “on site”. The sexual anointing can promote the excitement individually to the highest possible level by direct stimulation.

The PENISEX XXL extreme penis massage cream on the other hand is equipped with noticeable XXL depth effect. Intensive massages with this cream can promote the blood circulation and the result are extra strong men.

The CLITORISEX stimulation gel with lubricating effect and the CLITORISEX stimulation cream for application to the clitoris are specially tailored to the needs of the female sex. Depending on the personality, the stimulation gel can give a tingly, light to crazy feeling of pleasure. The gel is condom-suitable, pH-optimized, water-soluble and fat-free. 

EROpharm offers gentle stimulation and thus guarantees intimate fun. Four different creams belong to the care series. PeniX can actively help men with teething problems to enjoy sex more. At the important points, the red lifeblood gets going again through a stimulating intimate massage and brings back life. Special care substances positively benefit the male sexual organ. TauriX special for HIM gets his best bit going with the power of taurine. The Sex-Energetic Cream Generation 50+ with damiana and ginseng extract is especially designed for men “in their best years”.

Southern feelings come up with the Spanish Love Cream special. JOYDIVISION prophesies both men and women special sexual experiences through mutual massages with refreshing care substances. Desire and mood can be increased. 

Sex-Energetic Generation 50 + Capsules support with vitamin, mineral and stimulating ingredients those men who do not take “Viagra” when they are over 50, but want to support their sexuality with a nutritional supplement.

The Intimate Whitening Cream bright’n’white guarantees a safe and at the same time effective lightening of sensitive skin in the intimate area. With innovative, natural ingredients, the EROpharm cream ensures a gentle effect

For all dealers it means: Fast access while stocks last. Simply send your order to vertrieb@JOYDIVISION.de. The offer for clean’n’safe, PENISEX/CLITORISEX and EROpharm is valid for incoming orders from September 01, 2020 to September 30, 2020.