GangBangster takes consumer safety seriously

“For 15 years, our brand HardToys has offered more than 450 sex toys with generous shapes and at affordable prices. Made in France since its creation, we have always been attentive to the safety of our customers by offering studied forms and using only quality raw materials”, Benoit Cauet (General Manager) and Vincent Renou (Sales Manager) say. “There is currently no regulation in Europe concerning the safety of sex toys and there is a real security problem for users. A Greenpeace study a few years ago revealed the presence of phthalates in 7 out of 8 products tested at 24% and even up to 51%! Phthalates were banned in 2005 in children’s toys, but not for sex toys. As a European manufacturer, we have decided to act by publishing regularly on our website analyzes performed on our products by an independent laboratory guaranteeing the non-presence of phthalates. We encourage all manufacturers to follow this process so that regulations evolve and guarantee our customers pleasure in complete safety.”