AMORELIE launches B2B catalogue

From its humble beginnings six years ago as a typical Berlin start-up, AMORELIE grew into one of Europe’s leading online stores that fast became a household name due to their daytime TV commercials. The campaigns promoted a playful and natural approach to sex and sensuality in relationships making AMORELIE Germany’s leading brand for enhancing your love life. This exposure gained the attention of over 60% of the Germany speaking public. Their ongoing success came from a highly selective international brand portfolio coupled with the development of quality own-brands, designed in-house by young creatives and entrepreneurs.

More recently AMORELIE has turned their focus to the adult B2B industry unveiling a 57 page catalogue of several ranges for distribution across Europe, UK and Asia. The catalogue features their popular own-brands VOU, Boho, SVARA, CUPE and Miss V but also a selection of highly curated gift boxes Amorelie is best known for.

“As we encourage people to have happy, fulfilled and sensual relationships, we work to expand our international presence. Our 2019 catalogue encompasses all that represents AMORELIE. We are proud to present our own portfolio and look forward to engaging the global adult community”, explains Mira Waidelich, AMORELIE’s newest distribution recruit.

In accordance with the catalogue launch AMORELIE will provide point of sale and marketing, excellent customer service including in store visits and staff training where necessary.

Mira continues, “We have many exciting projects and collaborations on the horizon including unveiling our infamous Advent (Christmas) Calendars next month.”

AMORELIE has broken taboos to raise awareness and make sensual love a topic that is easier to approach and talk about. Their mission is to make a difference, enlighten and encourage by continuing to engage in the fight against self-doubt, supposed body ideals and body shaming.