Arcwave April Fool’s campaign generates global interest

For April Fool’s Day, Arcwave, the high-tech sex toy brand for penis- owners, announced the launch of a new product category: VaCum – a dual-purpose vacuum cleaner and pleasure stroker. Equipped with real looking product pictures as well as detailed product information, the brand reached out to media worldwide. Similar to the existing product, Arcwave Ion, VaCum supposedly was also equipped with the Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air Technology to suck up dust and crumbs efficiently while in vacuum mode. When the product would be switched to stroker mode, it would create a pleasurable, orgasm-inducing experience by stimulating the sensitive nerve endings of the frenulum.
With the campaign, Arcwave wanted to highlight the fact that household appliances are not designed to come in contact with the body’s most intimate regions and can in fact be dangerous. Unfortunately, everyday objects like vacuum cleaners are sometimes used for masturbation. Using conventional vacuum cleaners for masturbation can lead to serious injuries.Yet, the media’s reaction has shown that there is a general fascination around this topic. In addition to articles announcing the new product, the Pleasure brand also received many requests for product samples.
“Of course, journalists that were interested in testing our Pleasure Air Technology will not be disappointed and will receive an Arcwave Ion instead,” explains Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Arcwave. “And while we are not launching a vacuum cleaner, we are working on exciting new masturbation products that will be available soon.”