B Swish’s Bdesired Deluxe Pearl was the brands top-seller

According to B Swish, the Bdesired Deluxe Pearl personal massager proved to be a top seller in 2015 for the boutique brand. Barney, B Swish’s in-house educator suggests, “With a rippled silicone shaft that warms quickly to your body’s temperature, slide the thick and softly rounded head across your body for full coverage stimulation. Use the intuitive red back lit controls to cycle through all 6 powerful functions to find the intensity and speed that satisfies you.”
The Bdesired Deluxe Pearl can be used for solo stimulation and for couple’s play as well. As a member of B Swish’s Deluxe Line of personal massagers, the Bdesired Deluxe Pearl arrives in sleek packaging and is available in three vibrant colors, including Royal Purple, Rose and Jade. A velvety pouch is also included, perfect for storage and travel.