Biird Survey: More than half of Brits are uncomfortable with the idea of gifting a sex toy to friends or family

As Valentine’s (and Galentine’s) Day draws near, many people explore the idea of gifting a pleasure device to their significant other, friend or family member. However, are people actually comfortable with gifting or buying a sex toy? A recent survey by the innovative pleasure brand Biird unveils some kinky gifting trends. 

“At Biird, we’re on a mission to break down barriers and challenge the lingering taboos in the sexual wellness industry. Our recent survey gets deep into the intriguing world of sex toy gifting, exploring the forthcoming attitudes towards it and uncovering just how open people are about owning these intimate accessories. Through our innovative designs that blend functionality with aesthetics, we want to redefine the narrative around sex toys, turning them from a taboo into a topic of open conversation. Because, let’s face it, sharing is caring — especially when it comes to pleasure!” says Andrea Rey, Co-Founder at Biird. 

Biird surveyed 2,450 people worldwide to gain a better understanding of gifting and owning sex toys. Below are some key findings: 

More than half of Brits feel uncomfortable gifting sex toys but love sharing them with their partners

According to the survey, 57.14% of UK respondents appeared to be quite private and indicated they would not be comfortable gifting a sex toy to a friend or family member. However, when it comes to using pleasure objects, 62.35%of them are open to using a toy with their partner, while only 37.65% prefer indulging in self-pleasure alone. It appears that the British believe in the philosophy of ‘sharing is caring’ when it comes to using pleasure objects. 

French, Italians and Dutch are happy to gift a sex toy to their friend but not a family member

It seems that French, Italians, and Dutch don’t have any taboo topics among their friends but are much more private about their intimate lives regarding family members. 60.50% of survey respondents from France indicated they would gift a sex toy to a friend, and only 1.83% would gift it to a family member. A similar trend appears for survey participants from Italy – 48.15% would gift to a friend and 3.70% to a family member. A whopping 68.63% of those from the Netherlands state they are comfortable with friendly sex toy gifting, but only 1.96% would dare to gift a pleasure object to a family member. 

Most Americans and Australians would gift a sex toy to their friends and family

When asked about their sex toy gifting preferences, 32.81% of respondents from the U.S. said they would gift a sex toy to their friends, while 34.84% said they would gift one to both friends and family members. Australians appear to be even more open-minded, with 80.49% saying they would gift toys to both friends and family and 12.20% saying they would gift a toy to friends only. 

Most Canadians and Germans feel no shame in buying their first sex toy

When it comes to sex toys, 50.67% of Canadians and 58.33% of German respondents revealed they either were not ashamed or anticipated no shame in the future when making such a purchase. 

More than two-thirds of Americans and Spanish use sex toys with their partners.

Pleasure only gets better when shared – and as it seems, most Americans and Spanish apply this philosophy to sharing sex toys. 67.19% of respondents from the U.S. and 76.19% of respondents from Spain stated that they ‘sometimes’ use sex toys with their partners. Add to this that 24.39% of Australians and 15.83% of French indicated they would always use a sex toy with their partner.