Bijoux Indiscrets celebrates Masturbation Month with Lube Giveaway

Bijoux Indiscrets has announced a lubricants giveaway in celebration of ‘Masturbation Month,’ a popular social media trend occuring each May to normalize and educate on the benefits of self-pleasure for holistic sexual wellness.

The giveaway began on May 1st and will remain open through May 31st. Participants can enter by following this link to a brief sign-up form. No product purchases are required to join.

The first 1,000 people to sign up will receive 4 free lubricants from Bijoux Indiscrets Four Play Experience Kit, including a neutral water-based lube, a water-based lube with Aloe Vera, a water-based lube with Hyaluronic Acid, and a water-based lube with Coconut.

The giveaway is open to all international customers. Upon submitting the sign-up form, giveaway winners will immediately receive a sales code and instructions via email to arrange their free product order.

“Shame-free, joyful masturbation is essential to Bijoux Indiscrets’ ethos of sexual health,” says company co-founder Elsa Viegas. “What better way to celebrate May, a full month dedicated to bringing self-love out of the closet, than by gifting our dear customers with free lubricants to further encourage their solo, sexual adventures?”

To learn more about Bijoux Indiscrets lubricants giveaway for Masturbation May, visit the company’s Instagram page or email