Bonner Trading USA, Inc. announces acquisition of Zini

Bonner Trading, a pleasure products manufacturer & wellness company, is excited to announce the acquisition of Zini, solidifying its position as a key player, and paramount resource.

The acquisition of Zini marks a significant milestone for Bonner Trading as it expands its product portfolio and reinforces its dedication to delivering innovative, high-quality and accessible wellness, pleasure, and beauty products to its valued customers. This strategic move enables the company to leverage the strengths and synergies between the two companies, capturing new market opportunities, fostering growth, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

We are thrilled to have Zini,” said Ian Kulp, Global Sales & Marketing Director. “This acquisition strategically (and mission-based) aligns with our long-term vision and commitment to providing customers with best-in market, solutions and options. A new Zini is within reach – and we’re making this transition as smooth as silk, to ensure you feel (and see) the ‘love’. With Zini, we’re confident in strengthening our market position and better servicing our customers evolving needs, and desires.”

Zini is an authentic ‘love’ story – recognized for its outstanding product attributes, designs and unique features, establishing a reputation for excellence in the industry. This acquisition not only preserves the essence and legacy of the Zini brand but also empowers it with the resources and expertise of Bonner Trading propelling it to new heights of awareness and success.