Cloud Climax to champion the adult doll industry amidst unprecedented regulatory challenges

Cloud Climax expresses concern over the escalating regulatory challenges the industry is facing in the UK. Recent interactions with the Border Force and Trading Standards authorities have highlighted potential inconsistencies in their approach towards the import and sale of adult dolls and related products.

The company has recently experienced several seizures of shipments by the Border Force, sparking discussions around the possible tightening of import regulations for adult dolls. These actions come despite Cloud Climax’s adherence to all necessary regulations, including the provision of CE certification, in accordance with international standards for the materials used by manufacturers. More about Cloud Climax’ commitment to safety and quality can be found in their Terms and Conditions.

The company believes the adult doll industry, which is largely dependent on imports from China, has been unfairly singled out, despite all products being made with certified silicone and TPE. Cloud Climax queries the rationale for these seizures: “Are all adult products—dolls, toys, etc.—being stopped and tested? Is the government now considering our industry as a whole to be in need of a slowdown? We believe we comply with all safety regulations, as stated in our Terms and Conditions, which can be verified on our website.”

There are questions over whether this increased scrutiny could extend to other industries using similar materials, such as medical equipment and kitchenware. Moreover, Cloud Climax questions the validity of this increased scrutiny against the backdrop of a society increasingly supportive of diversity and inclusion, notably for the LGBTQ+ and Trans communities.

Cloud Climax affirms that it will continue to challenge the system and advocate for the adult doll industry. It asserts the need for equal treatment and fairness in regulatory actions, given that the adult industry’s products are no different from others when it comes to material safety standards.

Cloud Climax is appealing to the relevant authorities to provide clear and consistent guidelines that enable businesses to operate within a fair and predictable regulatory environment. It hopes this move will highlight the serious implications these arbitrary actions could have on the multi-million pound adult doll industry.