pjur publishes first results of the pjur&you survey

For 25 years, pjur has provided more feeling, more sensations, more adventure and more wellbeing for its customers and has thus become part of their love lives. But: Who are the pjur customers? How long have they known pjur? What do they value about pjur? From March to September 2020, pjur asked his customers about their relationship with pjur. Nearly 2,000 responses from customers from more than 30 countries were evaluated for the final pjur&you report. Here are the first six answers. 

1. Happy relationship with pjur: customers are very satisfied and loyal 

25 years are a long time: A narrow majority of respondents (49%) states that they have had a re- lationship with pjur for a long time. 6% of those are even pjur fans from day one in 1995. Another third (39%) has known pjur for some time, while 12% are only ‘newly in love’ with pjur. It is not surprising that almost two thirds (64%) judge their relationship with pjur as ‘very good’, another third (32%) as ‘good’.

2. Customers associate pjur with intimate moments 

Asked about their connection to pjur, customers say they associate the brand with intimate mo- ments. As advantages of the brand, they state: pleasant feeling during sex (21%), the high prod- uct quality (18%) and the long-lasting effect, without getting sticking (19%). 

3. First contact online or in erotic store 

One third of respondents said they ‘met’ pjur during an online research (37%) or in an erotic shop (31%). Ranked third: Personal recommendations from friends (16%). In addition, the first contact with pjur took place, among other things, at the gynaecologist, in the pharmacy, on social media or at a health fair. 

4. Lubricant no question of age: Majority is between 25 – 44 years old

Personal lubricant can clearly be used at any age, the majority (57%) is between 25 and 44 years old. Just under a third (29%) are between 45 and 64 years old. 

5. Relationship status: Taken 

As far as relationship status is concerned, most of the respondents are already taken: Either in a 

partnership (31%) or married (26%). It seems, that only few singles (9%) and freshly in love (8%) have discovered the advantages of personal lubricants for themselves. 

6. Love is love 

Love comes in all colours and shapes, so do the participants of the survey. Although the vast ma- jority identify themselves as heterosexuals (68%), 15% do so as homosexuals. One in ten (11%) fancies both sexes (bisexual) and 6% of them either don’t care about gender, or they don’t identify with any of the proposed categories.