Cobeco’s Female collection – Empowers women’s pleasure every day

The Female collection by Cobeco Pharma is specially designed to empower all women to experience sexual fun and pleasure more frequently. The essentials in this collection support women to boost their daily pleasure. The Female collection includes the Monoi Lubricant, the Anal Relax Lubricant, the Shine Toy Cleaner, and the superstar of the collection: the Vibe Me Up! Set with a clitoris vibrator and hybrid 2-in-1 lubricant.

Female Monoi Lubricant with the captivating scent of monoi oil takes you into a tropical hot ambiance full of erotic pleasure. This water-based intimate lubricant has an easy to spread texture and has a hydrating and moisturizing effect that complements the natural body moisture. Female Cobeco Monoi Lubricant captivates you and keeps you longing for more tropical hot pleasure.

Female Anal Relax Lubricant has a light cooling effect that provides more comfort during anal intercourse, to ensure you can enjoy improved pleasure. The lubricant has nourishing ingredients and has a thick and gliding texture. With FEMALE Cobeco Anal Relax Lubricant you will experience more relaxed sensational anal pleasure.

Female Shine Toy Cleaner cleans your erotic toys extra hygienically, without affecting the quality of the toy for durable fun. By using FEMALE Cobeco Shine Toy Cleaner you can continue to enjoy your erotic toys hygienically, every day.

Last but not least, the FEMALE Vibe Me Up! Vibrator duo set with a small but powerful clitoris vibrator and a bottle of 2-in-1 Hybrid Lubricant. This combination ensures you an intensified climax and unforgettable moments alone or together. The hydrating 2-in-1 Hybrid Lubricant is water-based with unique integrated silicone properties to experience an infinite sliding and soft feeling, without affecting the vibrator. Female Vibe me up Vibrator duo set promises delightful pleasure for a long exciting evening.