Eye of Love unveils a fresh look for the Classic Collection

Eye of Love, industry pioneers in luxury pheromone perfumes and products, is excited to announce the revitalization of its beloved Classic Collection. The Classic Collection, featuring the popular 10ml and 50ml bottles, now boasts a fresh and modern design, while the 3-in-1 pheromone massage candles have been completely reimagined with a new look and shape.

“The new redesign of our original collection marries the timeless allure of our pheromone-infused products with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Eye-catching and elegant, this fresh design is set to elevate the individual’s experience, further enhancing the power of attraction,” said Jacqui Rubinoff, VP at Eye of Love.

With this upgrade, Eye of Love reaffirms its commitment to offering top-quality pheromone products, and the new look represents a significant step in the brand’s journey.

The Classic Collection is now available.