Female leaders thrive at Pipedream Products

As part of Pipedream’s new structure and vision, the company has emphasized the importance of fostering strong female leaders as well as promoting from within. Following the recent promotion of Miranda Doyle to Sales Manager, Pipedream is proud to announce that longtime employees Lori Scott, Christine Lawrence, and Samantha Kurowski have also been launched into new roles.

“Pipedream has set many industry standards for many years, but we hope to influence other organizations beyond adult as we strive to shift women’s representation in business,” said Pipedream CEO Matthew Matsudaira. “Lori, Christine, and Samantha have supported the company in countless ways and their hard work deserves to be recognized.”

Lori Scott has contributed to multiple roles across her 20-year history with Pipedream, now serving as Director of Business Development. She will be responsible for analyzing trends and identifying new avenues of growth for the company and its customers. She looks forward to providing innovative and specialized service to customers, as well as product opportunities that will help them achieve their parameters for success.

“It’s an expansion of my previous role but with more authority to explore opportunities and service my clients without complication or interference. I dedicate myself to providing the highest level of specialized customer support with expedited results and this new position empowers me to increase my output without compromising my standards. I’m very appreciative of the executive support I’ve received to experience this growth.”

Christine Lawrence brings 20 years of experience to her new role as Director of Global Supply Chain & Procurement after serving as Procurement Manager since joining the team in 2012. She is a dynamic and results-driven leader who will now work towards streamlining the company’s supply chain management strategies to achieve increased profits and customer satisfaction.

“I am very excited about joining the finance department and combining my two decades of experience in both finance and operations to maximize the efficiency of our global supply chain. I look forward to the challenge and seeing where all of our hard work will take us,” said Lawrence.

Samantha Kurowski joined Pipedream in 2016 as a graphic designer. She will now fill the role of Project Coordinator, working directly with Chief Design Officer Kristian Broms to oversee all projects within the design department from conception to fruition.

“I’m very optimistic about increasing our department’s efficiency by streamlining projects and managing workflow in order to provide quicker deliverable dates,” said Kurowski. “I’m also really looking forward to learning more about the business side of product development. It’s exciting to be able to incorporate my thoughts and input into the making of our kick ass products!”

Lori, Christine, and Samantha’s promotions come just after industry vet Miranda Doyle was announced as Pipedream’s new Sales Manager. “I’m really excited about this new role,” said Doyle. “Pipedream has always had an impressive arsenal of resources available and an extensive range of expertise on our team to help our customers navigate the changes in our industry. With some of the recent improvements here at Pipedream, we have all the support we need to remind our customers who we are and what we do at an expert level. There has never been a better time to be a part of Pipedream.”