FT London robbed at Venus

FT London reported theft of goods at the Venus show in Berlin. Here is their Facebook post: We have just celebrated the successful end of the Venus exhibition in Berlin to find out a devastating accident at the fairground on Monday. When we arrived to load the stand and products into the truck, we saw this (on the pictures below). It turned out that all the FT products worth over 50.000 euros had been stolen! Only the brochures, bags and two boxes with testers were left. Also, our award Erotix Awards 2017 was on the scene which is consoling.

When our representative (Marco Tortoni) was away for 5 minutes to meet the police at the entrance, another four boxes were stolen! This is the largest recorded theft of sex toys in history.
What is amusing is that not a single tester went missing during the days of the exhibition!

We can’t understand how the representative of Venus-Berlin could have been absent on the fairground on Monday. Unfortunately, the managers organizing the fair were not helpful at all. We still have not received a record from video cameras and any other help in the course of investigation. The representative of Venus-Berlin did not show up at the scene after the accident. The only thing we managed to receive from the organizers on the next day is the contacts of the contractor who set up the stand.

Since the sex toys are specific product, further sale by the thieves is quite difficult. Please inform us if you receive an offer to purchase FT goods from an unauthorized seller (here is the list of our distributors http://gvibe.com/distributors-worldwide). This will help the investigation. We will be grateful if you share this post with your business partners, so that the situation gets large publicity.

Original source: https://www.facebook.com/funtoys.uk/posts/1440263006028165