Gisele International: a female founded start-up launches to support exclusive brands in Europe

When the crisis started, the three women behind Gisele took a life changing decision and launched their own business. With more than 15 years of experience in both the Adult Sexual Wellness and the Cosmetics industry, Gisele’s founders have intimate knowledge of the unique challenges and potential of the European market.

“We strongly believe that nurturing close relationships with business partners, understanding their specificities and addressing their needs are essential to a common and sustainable growth. Such an approach might be challenging though, especially for foreign brands who do not necessarily have a direct representation nor a team on site. This is why we decided to begin this new adventure, tailor-made to our vision: becoming the voice in Europe for exclusive and innovative brands.” explains Lisa Sananes, CEO at Gisele.

Gisele is not acting as a distributor, but as the strategic sales and marketing force for selected brands within the European market. Gisele will develop and support the entire wholesale, retail and communication network and, together with its partners, build one streamlined and long-term strategy which will nurture brand awareness and thereby drive organic sales.

“More than ever, we believe that it is a necessity to strengthen the partnership between brands and retailers and to join our forces. We saw some amazing initiatives during Covid with brands truly helping retailers to maintain and adapt their business to this new era. We are very proud of our industry and together, we can fill in the educational gap aroundsexuality, promote education and encourage people to enjoy their intimate lives with a shameless mind- set.” states Julie Bonnet, CCO at Gisele.

Gisele has partnered with two American brands fully in line with the company’s values:
· Lora DiCarlo, the Award-Winning Sextech company launched at CES Las Vegas in January 2020, whose range of innovative sextoys using microrobo- tics technology will be available in October 2020 throughout Europe and the US.

· Überlube, the most wanted and number one silicone lubricant brand in the US, recently made available in Europe through Eropartner

Gisele ́s team is co-founded by: Lisa Sananes, CEO at Gisele and former Sales Director at Bijoux Indiscrets, Julie Bonnet, CCO at Gisele and former Sales Mana- ger at Je Joue and Bijoux Indiscrets, and Anne-Noëlle Bertel, COO at Gisele and formerly Head of Risk in Asset Management.

For more information about Gisele or its partner brands: / +34 697 298 942