How to ensure the success of an in-store display

E-commerce shopping has seen a steep incline in recent years, however the traditional high street is very much still alive. Shoppers still seek the in-person expert advice, the immediate availability and overall customer experience. Following months of store closures amongst COVID-19 restrictions, the re-opening of shop doors has seen customers return in their multitudes and competition is fierce, making it high time adult toy retailers review their displays, to make the most of the pleasure products they stock. Lovehoney B2B has shared it’s tips on how brands can ensure their displays are eye-catching and stand-out from the crowd, as well as some expert advice from Tracey Whitmore, owner of family run Vibez Adult Boutique based in Kent, the United Kingdom. 

Use branded point of sale materials – Tracey said, “Brands need to establish their own identity against competitors and always focus on their own ranges, using as much information about the product as possible. One way to do this is to ensure you are using eye-catching, fully branded Point Of Sale display materials.” Lovehoney offers complimentary, Happy Rabbit Point Of Sale including stands, headers and shelving, as well as downloadable sales strips for in-store toy holders.  All designed to be informative without being overwhelming and appeal to both sex toy newbies and experts alike. 

Create an experience through design – It can be beneficial to think of your store as a newspaper, a place to broadcast the story being a brand, and personality can easily be communicated to the public through design and customisation. “We always try to add that little bit of pizazz to our ranges, whether it’s through adding texture or aesthetic accessories, and try to display the products in a way that justifies the price point,” says Tracey.

Explore different lighting options – Lighting is a fundamental factor to in-store displays, and will have a huge impact on how they’re received by customers. It has an impressive ability to affect our mood, what we feel, what we think of the product and ultimately the choice of whether we want to purchase or not. Consider whether you want to create an ambient setting with enough general lighting to light the store, or accent lighting to emphasize a certain display. Tracey added “Our Happy Rabbit display looks resplendent highlighted by LED lights and the customers are magnetised towards them.”

Change your displays regularly – Holidays and seasons come and go very quickly, and a promotional item has a short shelf life. Therefore it’s important to keep on top of displays to keep up with new arrivals.  Keep new arrivals at the front of your store layout, in their own dedicated space so they are the forefront of shoppers attention.

Product knowledge is key – We know that Point Of Sale will give shoppers a thorough understanding of products, but in retail, customer service is everything. Interaction with customers is what truly gives them the confidence that they’re shopping in the right place. Stepping into a physical store immerses the shopper into the brand and it should be less about sales conversion, more about converting people with a memorable experience which will make a lasting impression. Tracey emphasises, “Product knowledge instils confidence and the belief that these products will satisfy beyond expectations!”