Je Joue cooperates with UK lingerie brand Something Wicked

Sex toy brand, Je Joue has teamed up with UK lingerie brand, Something Wicked for a limited-edition lingerie and bondage partnership. 

Something Wicked is a premium lingerie company which uses high-quality materials all hand crafted with care. Designed to empower the wearer with beautiful, sensual designs and accessories.

Something Wicked is an independent British brand and their luxury lingerie and accessories are carefully handmade in the UK using the most exquisite materials such as Japanese plonge leather. Amidst today’s fast fashion market, they provide a more sustainable, more unique service. 

Never off-the-rack, every piece is made to order.  This lingerie will leave the wearer feeling as sensational as they look, with every detail composed with as much care and integrity as possible. 

Made from start to finish by their team of skilled seamstresses, the beautiful leather accessories are hand crafted by an incredible female saddler in the UK, their wax leather polish is handmade by an award-winning beekeeper from London using 100% natural ingredients. 

Run by women, made by women, for the empowerment of women.

John Gorman, Managing Director at Je Joue says “We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Something Wicked. Our brands align beautifully both on the ethos of empowering people to embrace their sexuality and commitment to provide quality products that elevate people’s sexual experiences. Our customers have told us they want to see lingerie from us, and we’re excited that this limited edition partnership is the first step into this space”. 

Steff McGrath, Managing Director at Something Wicked says “I’ve been a big fan of Je Joue for some time, and lingerie and sex toys go hand in hand so this partnership makes absolute sense. We’re passionate about encouraging people to embrace their sexual desires and so our products work perfectly in delivering a whole sexual experience”. 

The capsule collection includes 2 lingerie sets with seductive designs such as lace, crouchless bottoms and a harness bra. Bondage accessories include half-inch leather handcuffs and a French Chantilly lace face mask which are perfect for those looking to explore kink play in style.