JOYDIVISION’s participation in ‘Grüner Punkt’

The DIN EN ISO13487-certified JOYDIVISION international AG from Hanover contributes to the proper recycling of its packaging by participating in the ‘Grüner Punkt’ dual system. This protects finite resources, the climate and the environment. If the ‘Grüner Punkt’ is printed on a packaging, the manufacturer of this packaging shows that he fulfils the obligations of the Packaging Act

JOYDIVISION has also contributed to extensive savings in 2022 through this measure. The amount of COavoided through JOYDIVISION’s contribution is equivalent to the amount that 9,420 m2 of forest filters out of the air in one year. Today, the ‘Grüner Punkt’ still has the largest market share among the German recycling systems. Since 2009, the ‘Grüner Punkt’ only has to be displayed voluntarily. Consumers can thus be sure that the packaging of the top sellers AQUAglide, BIOglide, Soft-Tampons, WARMup and all other packaging from JOYDIVISION will be properly fed into the system.