Justin Vickers joins ABS as Head of Global Trade Sales

ABS Holdings announced that Justin Vickers has joined their team as the Head of Global Trade Sales. ABS hopes that he will be a big part of their global growth as they see interest peak from various territories including Europe and the USA.

Justin is from Chicago and comes to ABS from ECN where he held the position of Retail Coordinator. The company sees his in-depth retail knowledge coupled with his extensive industry experience as a valuable asset to the ABS team. Justin says: “I’ve been in this industry for almost 12 years and have loved learning each side of the business from buying to distribution. I am excited to join ABS to learn not only how a company operates a manufacturing side, distribution side, stores, and internet business but also to learn how things are done differently in a different market. I am excited to have the opportunity to live and work in the UK and I can’t wait to meet a whole new set of customers and co-workers. I’m sure that I will learn so much from everyone here and I know that they will help me to be better at what I can do.”

According to a press release, ABS has seen a year of amazing growth. Commercial Director Symon Reeves says: “We’re excited to start the new year with Justin Vickers as our Head of Global Trade Sales. Justin is already well known in the industry where he has made a name for himself thanks to his passion and expertise – which is something that really got our attention from the get-go. This position will allow him to put his industry experience to great use and we really look forward to having him on board and making the most of his talents.”

When Justin isn’t heading up Global Trade Sales for ABS he can be found travelling, cooking, eating or tucked into a good book. ECN’s Frank Koretsky says: “All of us here at ECN wish Justin the very best of luck on this next adventure of his life. Moving to England and working overseas is a big move and we wish him the best! We appreciate all he did for the family here at ECN.”

Justin isn’t the only new addition to the company. In recent months Amber Ball and Donna Gatier have also joined its team in Sales Administrator and Junior Accounts manager positions. Of the company’s continued growth, Symon Reeves says: “We’re excited to be adding new talent to the company regularly. Every new employee brings fresh ideas into the fold. We’re always evolving as a business and new talent allows us to explore new ways of working as we grow and expand as a business.”