Kheper Games, Inc. starts shipping 13 new products after ANME

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce that all 13 new skus they launched at ANME are in stock and now shipping. 40 Reasons to Party is a set of 40 illustrated cards that give you fun reasons and ideas on how to party. 40 Reasons to Have Sex is a set of 40 sexy cards that give you funny reasons and ideas on how to have great sex! Drink if…the Totally F*cked up version applies their What the F*ck? line’s humor to their best-selling Drink if…line.

Additional new romance items include a Love Your Pussy Bath Bomb (with waterproof vibe inside), Boobie Bath Bombs, and Fishbowl options for Love Your Pussy and Sex Fortune Cookie Bath Bombs. On the novely side, they are launching a Progress Sash, Progress Bachelor Sash, Progress Bachelorette Sash, Freeze Dried Rainbow Pecker Candy,Body Shot Pasties, and a Naughty Candy Dish. “We are thrilled to be launching all of our new items now and in time for Valentine’s Day.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Shows were spread out this year and have mixed reactions, but at least we are fully ready to go with order fulfillment”