Magic Silk and Male Power are stocked and loaded

The intimate apparel industry, like so many others, has faced unprecedented challenges during the past year. The logistics of running a wholesale or retail business have changed dramatically in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both companies are adapting to provide the same efficient and dependable service that their customers have come to expect.

Currently, door-to-door ocean shipments that once took 5-6 weeks now require 10-12 weeks. Given the extremely strong demand for Magic Silk and Male Power merchandise, they quickly concluded that they must maintain higher levels of inventory throughout the year. Mission accomplished.

“In order ensure ready product availability, we have factored in five extra weeks in our production schedule,” according to Jeff Baker, president. “This will allow us to forecast shipping dates accurately, which is critically important to our customers.

Baker also mentions that their production orders are now 35% to 50% larger than in the past, and replenishment production is more timely and aggressive. “Air freight charges are astronomical and must be avoided at all costs. Careful production planning is the sensible, cost-efficient way to do it.”

Both Magic Silk and Male Power are well positioned to offer on-time deliveries and their highest fill rates throughout the holiday season. In short, their customers can expect business as usual during this most unusual of times.