Margaux O’Donaghue passed away

Industry veteran Margaux O’Donaghue passed away. She represented the Swiss Navy brand for many years and has always been highly valued and admired by her customers as well as fellow professionals in the industry.

Ellen Friedman, M.D. Science Lab director of sales, broke the news that Margaux has lost her fight against cancer last Saturday via a Facebook post: ““Well, we knew this day was coming … we laughed about it…. we cried about it…we talked about it… but damnit …. it still hurts so bad Margaux …. we have been through so much together in 15 years…. travelled the world all in the name of work…. we laughed at every airport we were ever at… sat on many curbs in countries where no one spoke English not to mention we didn’t even know where we were…”

EAN extends its deepest condolences to her family, friends and those who worked together with her at M.D. Science Lab.