MYHIXEL launches its new solution for erectile dysfunction and surpasses its Kickstarter goal by 600%

In just 24 hours MYHIXEL has surpassed its Kickstarter goal by 600% (over 30k$) with 250 backers. Currently, they have over 550 backers with total funds raised have exceeded 63K.

The Kickstarter campaign exclusively presents MYHIXEL Ring, its new product designed by specialists to combat erectile dysfunction. This campaign offers users the opportunity to pre-order the ring ahead of its official release, anticipated in the upcoming fall. MYHIXEL Ring has a unique shape in the market, as stated by Jesús E. Rodriguez, director of the Murcian Sexological Institute, “MYHIXEL Ring represents a promising innovation in the field of male sexual health, offering a non-invasive solution that combines the science of erectile control with technology. Its design is based on sexological principles aimed at improving the quality of encounters and control over erection, which can be especially beneficial for those looking to manage erectile dysfunction without resorting to drugs or conventional therapies.”

The development of the MYHIXEL Ring involved a collaboration between health professionals and engineers, focusing on comfort, safety, and product efficacy. With this goal, MYHIXEL has partnered with Sardi Group, a Swiss design center expert in medical innovation, making the ring the most innovative in the sector.

How does MYHIXEL Ring work? During an erection, the blood vessels of the penis allow the corpora cavernosa to dilate, thanks to the influx of blood flow. To maintain such an erection, it’s important that this flow remains in the penis until the end of sexual activity. That’s when the ring’s functionality comes into play. Thanks to the pressure it exerts on the base of the penis, the ring prevents the blood flow from escaping the corpora cavernosa, allowing the erection to be maintained for longer. Not only this, the innovative design of MYHIXEL Ring protects the urethra and the spongy body that surrounds it, allowing pressure relief in this area, improving overall user satisfaction and promoting a painless and pleasurable ejaculation.

MYHIXEL Ring has been specifically created for all types of penises thanks to the elasticity of its material, and as not all need the same level of pressure, MYHIXEL offers three different models, (LIGHT, FIRM, and INTENSE). Each model has a different elastic band, allowing the user to choose the most suitable pressure, offering a customizable experience adapted to individual comfort and satisfaction.