New AQUAglide products now offer a 3-dimensional shopping experience

Original AQUAglide is known as Europe’s most popular and awarded lubricant brand. With AQUAglide long-time users combine crystal clear, pleasantly sensitive and skin-friendly quality. From now on, the packaging of the latest AQUAglide products is also a haptic experience.

JOYDIVISION is always looking for unique selling points for its branded products. With the novelties of AQUAglide the haptic sense is stimulated immediately already with the purchase. Sales psychologists have discovered that contact with the hands plays an important role and can be an important amplifier or even a decisive trigger for a purchase. 

The refined labels can be touched in the dark. With this new feature, lovers can be sure that they are always holding the right lubricant in their hands. The new smart size packaging AQUAglide liquid 50 ml and AQUAglide neutral 75 ml in practical pump dispensers and the new AQUAglide Massage + Glide Spa 2in1 all-rounders will now carry the new labels. Further products will follow.

The new ‘bestsellers’, produced as usual in Germany, are also water-soluble, fat-free and condom-safe. Dermatological tests guarantee a high skin friendliness.