New company structure at Astkol-Alfa

Leonid Fishman, the owner of Astkol-Alfa Company, announced a new structure for his companies on the Russian market. From now on they will operate under the name Astkol Group of Companies.

Astkol Group of Companies includes:

  1. Astkol-Alfa and FishEro for the distribution and wholesale business.
  2. Djaga-Djaga as a wholesale trade, production (adult toys and BDSM sewing products, more than 700 SKUs in the range), online store, Djaga-Djaga adult retail chain (32 stores), Sexstudy online school for sales people.
  3. Biomed-Nutrition for production of Djaga-Djaga intimate cosmetics (90 SKUs in stock);
  4. ProSack Youtube channel (3000 subscribers for the first 1.5 years, plus 2000 subscribers for the last 4 months, a total of 5000 subscribers, 100 videos, 549874 total views).