New MaleEdge & Jes Extender Marketing Portal via SCALA

SCALA is excited to announce a new, digital marketing portal for MaleEdge & Jes Extender.
SCALA always aim to accommodate their customers in every way possible. Great service is not just a curated assortment, and excellent shipping options, it’s also giving retailers marketing tools to boost their sales. The SCALA marketing team is continuously on the look-out for new opportunities to cater to B2B retail needs. This new online marketing portal for the MaleEdge & Jes Extender is, therefore, a great example of how they try to help retailers succeed.
The new MaleEdge & Jes Extender marketing portal is accessible via the following link: When entered in your browser, you’ll be instantly redirected to a great overview of the brands’ marketing materials. Available in the marketing portal are all kinds of POS items and brand information, including high-resolution product images, handy information sheets, and videos. The content can easily be downloaded, giving retailers direct access to a plethora of useful marketing materials.