pjur’s newest campaign aims to normalize personal lubricant use. To do so, women should explore their own desires, listen to what their body is saying and communicate their needs openly. Because then the use of lubricant would be more normal. pjur offers premium personal lubricants with the mission to support people on their way to a more fulfilling sex life: #normalizelube

It’s in your hands: Prioritize your own pleasure

“As women, we often find that we take a back seat when it comes to sex and talking about sex. Or we wait and somehow expect our partners to figure out what it is we want.” Therefore, empowering women to explore their own body and sexual desire is an important aspect of the campaign. Only those who know what is good for them can confidently take responsibility for their own pleasure.

Listen to your body: 67% of women have experienced dryness in their intimate area

Dryness can be caused by a wide range of factors. It can be linked to the menstrual cycle or it could be that your mind is not getting turned on “quickly” enough. It can also be caused by stress or hormones (due to pregnancy, childbirth or the menopause, for example). Personal lubricant is often still considered a tabu. This stems from the stigma that women must have physical or emotional issues if their bodies do not produce enough natural lubricant.

Speak openly about your desires and needs

No one likes talking about problems. And when it comes to intimate subjects such as sex, dryness (and any related discomfort) or problems with our sex lives, we often feel ashamed too. An open conversation about your (physical) needs with your partner, a good friend or even with a doctor you trust, can help to address uncertainties with your own body.

Use lube with confidence

Personal lubricant can help support the wellbeing by taking away the pressure to produce natural lubrication and allowing women to stop worrying about dryness. pjur wants to encour- age all women to feel confident enough to use personal lubricant whenever they want to.