Orgie Bio on the road to success

It has been only three months since Orgie Bio line was officially launched at eroFame’s 2019 edition and according to Orgie its products already achieved best-selling status among their customers from whom they get nothing but positive feedbacks from consumers. “From what we heard, the combination of the carefully selected ingredients are fully approved by consumers with a plus note for the pump-bottle packaging of Orgie Bio intimate gels which was considered innovative, hygienic, safe to transport and easy to use thanks to its pump and open/close features”, a company rep says. “Some of our customers such as Impacto Group, our exclusive distributor in Ukraine, reported to be sold out of Orgie Bio in less than 24hs after receiving their first Orgie Bio orders, sharing photos of their customer NO TABOO. The enthusiasm and dedication of all those carrying Orgie and Orgie Bio products are significant to keep us innovating and daring.”