ORION reveals Christmas-wish statistics

A YouGov survey on behalf of ORION has shown that 33 percent of the participants have given away an erotic product as a Christmas gift at least once (basis: 2031 participants, field time: 6th–8th August 2019). Lingerie is the clear leader with 15 percent of the answers right before the sex toys with 9 percent. The survey also reveals that a lot more men than women have given away an erotic product as a Christmas gift before. A bit of a surprise is that in households with children, erotic gifts such as lingerie, sex toys and gift certificates for erotic shops are a more common gift than in households where there are no children.

Even if you are one of the 84 percent of women and 85 percent of men who, according to an ORION survey (basis: 610 participants), would be happy to unwrap a Christmas gift to find a sex toy, it is not always easy to find a suitable gift. ORION’s experiences show that men generally buy sex toys that are too big because they want to do their partner a “special favour”. Women, however, rather wish for a small, handy-sized pocket pleaser that fits in their handbag.

Lingerie is also a wish often expressed – almost 70 percent of the women like to wear sexy lingerie because it makes them feel erotic and sensual. 31 percent state that lingerie gives them more self-confidence (Source: ORION survey, 255 participants) and for 90 percent of the men it is important or very important that their partner wears sexy lingerie (basis: ORION survey – 355 male participants). Black is and has been women’s favourite lingerie colour for years, followed by red. Men are not too fixed on one colour in this case – maybe because they rather enjoy the sexy sight of their female partner wearing the lingerie and not the lingerie itself? Finally, the ORION survey revealed another oddity: almost 64 percent of the male participants (basis: 355) would be happy to find sexy lingerie for them underneath the Christmas tree.