ORION Wholesale: The new ‘Erotic Highlights 2021/22’ catalogue is finally here

A new version of the neutral ‘Erotic Highlights’ catalogue for retail customers is now available – just in time for the Christmas period. The A5 catalogue has 100 pages and presents novelties and selected bestsellers from ORION Wholesale’s extensive assortment. There is a space at the back of the catalogue for a company stamp – this means that every retailer has the opportunity to give its customers its ‘own’ promotional material. The latest edition is available for Wholesale customers in German and English. The catalogues are delivered in packs of 40. For the sake of the environment, the catalogues were printed climate neutrally.

‘Erotic Highlights 2021/22’ catalogue in German, 100 pages, A5, with recommended retail prices, item number 0900010 0000 (pack of 40)

‘Erotic Highlights 2021/22’ catalogue in English, 100 pages, A5, without recommended retail prices, item number 0900540 0000 (pack of 40)

Retailers can download both versions of the catalogue and the price lists here: www.orion-wholesale.com