pjur defines the future of the personal lubricant industry

In the run-up to this year’s eroFame in Hanover, pjur shrouded its stand in mystery, and only hinted at what visitors could expect. The revelation of the new label design was a particular highlight of the company’s appearance at the trade fair. Part of the next stage of pjur’s brand refresh, it was also the chance for visitors to gain exclusive insight into the brand’s future. All the new design elements showcased by the premium personal lubricant pjur INFINTY over the last year are now being extended to the other current products. Top quality personal lubricants will now have a contemporary image, distinct from the usual look in the erotic industry.

Iconic redefined – A new label with a high level of brand recognition

This year pjur took the next big step in their transition to a new brand design, and presented the new label using the two bestsellers pjur ORIGINAL and pjur WOMAN Nude. The team has spent a year fine-tuning this next step of the brand refresh. pjur involved selected partners and customers in the process through in-depth discussions, with the aim of shaping the brand’s development together.

The result is not just a fresh, new design – it also offers both retailers and end consumers two major benefits. The design has been modernised and now looks both fresh and contemporary – but it also has a high level of brand recognition for loyal customers and stands out among other products, whether on the shelf or in a window display. All the relevant information is visible at a glance, making it even easier to give customers appropriate advice.

The first products featuring the new labels will be available to retailers during the first quarter of 2024. All the products in pjur’s portfolio will gradually switch to the new labels over the course of the year, to ensure that the transition is planned and implemented as smoothly as possible.

MDR: Now it is getting serious

Its explosive nature and far-reaching consequences for the personal lubricant market made the Medical Device Regulation a key topic at the trade fair. MDR has been the subject of repeated misinformation, discussion about expired and obsolete borderline documents, and even had its impact played down. pjur is therefore making its expertise available to retailers, and providing information about the situation as a whole in response to the uncertainty among retailers.

This year pjur was honoured with the EAN EROTIX award for ‘Lubricant Brand of the Year’, for the brave step of taking its brand in a completely new visual direction, but also in recognition of its rigorous implementation of the MDR. “We are really delighted to receive this award, which acknowledges both our work and our consistent implementation of the Medical Device

Regulation. The award demonstrates that we have done everything right, and struck a chord with both our new, modern label design and the topics we’ve focused on,” says Alexander Giebel, CEO & founder of pjur.