pjur gives you more selling opportunities

The market for sex toys is booming: pjur Toy Lube and pjur Toy Clean are targeted specifically at the growing group of sex toy owners. When it comes to getting maximum pleasure out of sex toy, a good personal lubricant is a must, a cleaner is crucial for a healthy sex life.

Have you realized pjur TOY products offers great cross-sell opportunities? Simply slip one of the brand’s premium products in with any type of toy purchase, and profit from great sales margins and increased sales. Two of the most popular pjur products to cross-sell with toys are the pjur TOY Lube, and pjur TOY Clean.

pjur TOY Lube – pjur’s TOY Lube is a hybrid personal lubricant, compatible with toys made of latex, rubber, glass, and high-quality silicone. It combines the benefits of both water-based and silicone lube. The creamy consistency makes it smooth to apply and easy to dose. The premium formula offers long-lasting lubrication and is particularly suited for silicone toys thanks to its low silicone concentration.

pjur TOY Clean – pjur’s TOY Clean is a toy cleaner, free from alcohol and perfume. This spray reliably removes bacteria and other residues from the toy’s surface. Its special formula does not damage materials that are sensitive to alcohol, such as latex, rubber, glass, silicone, and leather. It is also completely alcohol and perfume free, dermatologically tested, and ensures that your erotic accessories are cleaned gently, and hygienically.