pjur presents its first stimulating gel for women at the ANME Show

At this year’s ANME Show in Burbank (California) all eyes were on the year’s newest products: pjur WOMAN Lust and pjur WOMAN Lust Intense. The premium lubricant manufacturer made the most of the year’s opening international trade fair by introducing the world to its very first stimulating gel for women. With this brand-new premium product, pjur is expanding its product portfolio and announcing its entry onto the worldwide market for female stimulation products.

A unique formula with trusted pjur quality

The announcement created a real buzz at this year’s ANME Show: by bringing to market a stimulating gel for women available in two different intensity levels, pjur is making a bold move into new market territory. pjur WOMAN Lust is a stimulating gel for women that stands out from other products thanks to its innovative formula:

– Water-based formula – This gel works perfectly with erotic toys and is great for ensuring a tingling sensation during foreplay and oral sex.

– Long-lasting clitoral stimulation up to 15 minutes and longer.

A stimulating combination of active ingredients – pjur WOMAN Lust brings trusted pjur quality thanks to its use of high-quality, natural ingredients.

– A truly adaptable pleasure experience – The two different intensity levels provide a variety of options for clitoral stimulation.

pjur WOMAN Lust and pjur WOMAN Lust Intense give women the wheel to steer their own way to orgasm and to bring their sex life to a climax – whether by themselves using a toy or with their partner. pjur WOMAN Lust has no limits and sets new benchmarks when it comes to clitoral stimulation. The innovation behind the product has won over not only the trade fair team but also those visiting the show. With pjur Woman Lust, we are consciously expanding our products portfolio. In addition to our premium, MDR-certified lubricants, we are now also offering a stimulating gel for women that provides the highest “Made in Germany” quality. This sends a clear message: pjur is more than just lubricants, and it’s well on its way to conquering new market areas,” explained Alexander Giebel, CEO and Founder of pjur.