Say ‘I do’ to Evolved in Scala Playhouse’s Bridal selection

With the upcoming Bridal season (May, June and September) approaching fast, Scala Playhouse thinks this is the perfect time to get the wedding stock sorted. “Soon-to-be brides and grooms aren’t just looking for sexy lingerie to add an extra sexy dimension to their wedding nights; they’re also open to more daring choices to explore their newlywed desires. Whether they are buying something for their partner, or if it’s a friend looking for a more ‘original’ wedding gift; retailers definitely have the chance to profit big from the Bridal season surge,” the company said.

The online Scala Playhouse ‘Bridal’ selection contains a range of products for “every budget and every experience level”. A large portion of the products are picked because they stimulate the ‘joint experience’; meaning both partners can enjoy them simultaneously, or play with them together like sensual massage oils, lingerie, tasty body paints, share vibes and designer toys. Scala selected products that are ‘value for money’, non-intimidating and for each entry-level. The selection also includes products for each budget and preference.

One of Scala’s favorite brands included in the ‘Bridal’ selection is Evolved. The brand has various designs perfect for spicing up the Honeymoon, like the A&E Love Bud Play Set; a bullet vibe with 5 attachments in sweet colors. The attachments are made of silicone and the set comes packaged in a box.