Screenshot Screaming O video

Screaming O Releases product training videos

Screaming O has given customers access to its newest videos that want to make sales trainings fast, easy and convenient. Whether new to the brand or in need of a quick refresh, staff can access these videos at

The product training video is hosted by Conde Aumann, Screaming O Account Executive. Conde explains the features and benefits of Screaming O’s product line, and for fast information about a specific category, the video has been broken down into five shorter clips dedicated to these categories: Disposables, Reusable Vibrating Rings, Bullets and Other Fun Things, New Products – January 2017, and Charged Line.

“We created these new product training videos to provide our loyal customers with convenient learning tools that appeal to everyone: from staff who might be new to the brand to long-time employees looking to brush up their Screaming O skills,” Conde said. “Now customers can get up close and personal with our catalog from anywhere with an Internet connection and learn new ways to sell and promote these Screaming O products. This is just one of the many ways Screaming O works to benefit our customers and bring them the most valuable sales and relationship-building tools possible!”