Share Satisfaction puts on a show for Australian expansion

Share Satisfaction officially launched into the Australian market at an extravagant event earlier this month.

Founder Taslim Parsons is the visionary force behind Share Satisfaction, and extremely eager to spread the company’s love across the Tasman Sea.  “Aussies are some of the biggest buyers of sex toys in the world,” Parsons says. “We are over the moon to share the joy our products bring with a new market, especially one that has already demonstrated its desire for a sophisticated approach to sexual wellness.” The launch event held at Sydney’s The aVenue featured entertainment by the renowned Drag Queen Betty Blackheart, a burlesque performance from Natalya Alessi, informative presentations from Parsons and Sex Educator and host of the Electric Rodeo Podcast Emma Hewitt.  It was brilliant to be in Sydney and have the opportunity to show Share Satisfaction’s brands to an open-minded market that is hungry for a variety of toys, whether that’s discreet and convenient or wild and naughty,” says Parsons.

Share Satisfaction offers a full range of luxurious sexual wellness and pleasure products without the price tag. Best-selling product Kama has been in the top two best-selling toys in New Zealand since its launch in 2020, taking out second spot as of 2023. The popular sub-brand Eyden saw the creation of a specialised collection of pelvic floor health products designed to alleviate various health concerns.  “Whether you’re a seasoned pleasure-seeker, trying to prioritise your sexual wellness or simply looking to spice things up, we aim to ensure high-quality sexual wellness products are available to everyone, regardless of relationship, status, gender or sexuality.”  

What sets our products apart is the luxury experience we aim to create,” says Parsons. “Each of our products is elegant and striking – not something you feel the need to hide in a bedside drawer!” 

An unwavering focus on prioritising sexual wellness creates a propelling force behind Share Satisfaction, with their commitment to reducing the boundaries and stigmas around sexual pleasure, health and education creating a drive that far exceeds just selling products. “Sexual wellness encompasses a lot of aspects that feed back into all other areas of our wellbeing – physical, mental and social,” says Parsons. “We hope to lift this message to new heights across all of Australasia, as we pave our way towards a more sex-positive society.”

We’re all about creating products with a healthy margin for retailers, while also ensuring a reasonable price for the end user. Share Satisfaction is luxury, just without the price tag.”