Sharing success in Europe: SHOTS and Swiss Navy

SHOTS has been the exclusive distributor of Swiss Navy in Europe since May last year. Together, the two companies are experiencing great success. Swiss Navy is without doubt one of the most well-known lubricant brands around the globe. But what is it that makes Swiss Navy such a powerful brand? Let’s dive into the history of Swiss Navy, or even more precise, M.D. Science Lab.
M.D. Science lab was founded in 1998 by Ralph Albrecht who is still the CEO. Its headquarters are in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. Their goal has always been to provide their customers with innovative and value-added health, wellness, and lifestyle products. This goal is achieved by their in-house product development team. The team keeps doing research to improve their formulas and ingredients. And all this research and effort has been rewarded with many awards over the past years. But most importantly, their loyal customer base shows us how good their products are. These products include some supplements but most of all cosmetics like the Viva Cream and of course Swiss Navy. Swiss Navy is taking over the world with their high-quality assortment. It all started in the US and the manufacturing is still done in the US, but in almost 25 years, the range expanded over 48 countries! Swiss Navy has crossed the ocean and found its way through Europe and other continents. Sales in Europe have been so successful that a year ago, Swiss Navy decided to sign an exclusive partnership with SHOTS Europe. SHOTS is more than proud to carry this worldwide successful brand as their own. The two are a perfect match because they both value the same beliefs: bringing quality to their customers. For further questions about the brand, please contact Leroy Klunder, SHOT’s Swiss Navy brand ambassador: