Sportsheets and Museum of Sex collaborate for Pivot Collection window display

Sportsheets proudly announces its latest window display collaboration with the Museum of Sex in New York City. This immersive exhibit showcases Sportsheets’ highly acclaimed Pivot Collection, a line of products designed to elevate pleasure, offer enhanced positioning comfort, and make intimacy more accessible.

The Pivot Collection presents a range of items that cater to diverse preferences and needs, ensuring affordable pricing without compromising quality. Its inclusive packaging is designed to be discreet and welcoming, promoting a sense of accessibility and comfort for all. The collection has garnered praise for its premium materials, innovative design, and ergonomic features, setting a new standard for the industry.

The collaborative effort between the Museum of Sex and Sportsheets seeks to provide a unique and engaging perspective on the world of sexual exploration and intimacy. At the heart of this collection is the shared goal of promoting open conversations about pleasure enhancement and the art of exploration.

Sportsheets’ Commercial Director, Kelly Sofferman, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “The Pivot Collection embodies our commitment to delivering high-quality products that enhance intimate experiences. Our collaboration with the Museum of Sex for this exciting showcase allows us to connect with our customers directly, guiding them on their journey to sexual wellness.”

Kit Richardson, representing the Museum of Sex, shared the museum’s excitement for this partnership. Richardson stated, “The Museum of Sex has always been a space for dialogue, education, and the celebration of human sexuality. The Pivot Collection by Sportsheets perfectly aligns with our mission to encourage open conversations about pleasure enhancement and exploration.”

The window display will be open to the public, located at the Museum of Sex’s address at 233 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA.