Sportsheets taps Emily Silva to lead Private Label

Sportsheets has tapped award-winning account executive, Emily Silva to oversee the company’s private label division.

A popular and beloved industry mainstay, Silva has been a trusted and valuable sounding board on several facets of the business. That experience has helped Silva sharpen her focus on what she does best: fostering new and growing customer relationships in the sexual health and wellness space.

“Emily is a natural, she will be extremely effective at expanding our private label business,” says Sportsheets CEO Julie Stewart. “In addition to her boundless energy and unlimited creativity, Emily has an exceptional eye for trends and an understanding of what will or won’t work for her customers – that’s the kind of detail-awareness our private label clients can truly benefit from.”

Silva began her industry career in 2008. A dyed-in-the-wool Sportsheets booster to be sure, Emily’s signature enthusiasm has helped make her both an industry favorite and one of the company’s most successful account managers. 

After restructuring the private label department earlier this year, Silva is even more energized and welcomes the new position.

“I’m thrilled about my role with private label here at Sportsheets — the people here are like family,” remarks Silva. “Private labeling your own products puts you in charge of your brand’s market share. You’re in control of product design, packaging, and pricing in the market. I help people design their own vibrators and ball gags, it’s a ton of fun!”