SVAKOM celebrates successful `One Product One Tree` campaign

SVAKOM, celebrating the conclusion of it’s ‘One Product One Tree’ campaign, shares their total donations and the weight this campaign carries alongside their core values

Working closely with Trees for the Future for a long time, SVAKOM has consistently demonstrated its commitment to protecting the environment, and offering help whenever it can.

Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization focused on land restoration and assisting in the development of local communities, helps to facilitate the growth of new forests gardens. as well as working closely to diminish the effects of food insecurity among local farmers and residents.

SVAKOM previously donated around 26,000 trees, with the core belief that it holds a responsibility to give back to the planet, helping where it can.

Throughout 2022, SVAKOM celebrated its 10-year anniversary, holding multiple on-going campaigns, releasing a limited-edition anniversary box set, and helping to make peoples dreams come true. During this period, the One Product One Tree campaign came into effect. Select products featured a promotional sticker, with each product purchased leading to one tree donation from SVAKOM.

Taking the opportunity to give even more, SVAKOM extended the timeline of the campaign to allow more people to get involved; now celebrating an incredible total of 86,304 trees donated.

It’s mind-blowing to see the new total of trees, to know that our efforts have contributed to making the world just a little bit greener,” a SVAKOM representative commented. “We love the work that Trees for the Future does, the way they help not just our earth, but the people who live in it as well. We intended to continue working alongside them and hope to have even more trees planted in the future.”

In an email thanking SVAKOM for their contribution, a Trees for the Future stated: “On behalf of Trees for the Future and the thousands of farmers that are part of our programs, THANK YOU for your generous donation.”

You can find more information on SVAKOM’s work with local organizations by visiting their sustainability page on the SVAKOM website.