Anthony Morlett

Topco Sales welcomes Anthony Morlett

Anthony Morlett is the newest member of Topco Sales and the latest addition to the tech side of the company. Morlett boasts almost two decades of direct customer service with a special focus on web design and user experience.

As Front End Web Developer, Morlett’s primary focus will be to update and maintain Topco Sales’ business-to-business hub online while managing its user experience, making important improvements based on valuable feedback from loyal customers. A web designer by trade, Morlett comes to Topco with a customer service background. As Topco works to expand its web presence and reconnect with its online customers, Morlett will ensure provides a user-friendly experience while showcasing the company’s latest product videos, features and marketing tools. Morlett also will be responsible for Topco’s ongoing website maintenance and push to provide better customer support via its website.

“I spend an incredible amount of time thinking about customer experiences,” Morlett said. “When a client interacts with a website that’s difficult to navigate or enjoy, they simply move on and we want to ensure that Topco Sales customers find what they need the moment they land on our home page. Fortunately, I also have 15 years of customer service experience, which helps me truly understand customer values and make better decisions for a better design.”