Wicked Sensual Care announces new Dessert Menu

After receiving requests from retailers and consumers alike, Wicked Sensual Care has unveiled a delectable new flavor combination menu to tantalize taste buds. Inspired by classic desserts and refreshing treats, each combination transcends the ordinary, allowing partners to connect and indulge in a sensorial playground. The new menu can be found on the B2B portal here.

Our new flavor combination menu is so fun! We took suggestions from retailers, consumers and our sales team and created an updated dessert menu complete with our newest flavors to make playtime even tastier,” said Wicked Sensual Care’s Resident Sex Educator and Brand Strategist Jessica Drake. “With so many new flavors in our award-winning lube collection, we are excited to offer a new resource that consumers will love to explore, and we also encourage everyone to experiment and create their very own recipe.”

Here’s a taste of what the new menu offers:

  • Mango Sorbet: A tropical swirl of Mango & Vanilla Bean

  • Blueberry Cobbler: Blueberry Muffin tantalizingly mixed with Vanilla Bean

  • Caramel Frosted Cake: A delightful duo of Salted Caramel & Birthday Cake

  • Apple Crisp: Candy Apple deliciously blended with Butterscotch

…and many more succulent combinations to enjoy.

These exceptional flavor fusions are an invitation for retailers and consumers alike to elevate their senses and dive into a world where pleasure meets taste.