XR Brands introduces E-stim Impact Tool Collection from Zeus Electrosex

XR Brands is proud to announce the addition of three exciting new impact tools to the Zeus Electrosex collection of electrostimulation toys: the E-stim Spiked Paddle, E-stim Baton, and E-stim Crop. Each is designed to take impact play to the next level by incorporating the intensity of electrostimulation, which offers a powerful sting with every satisfying slap, smack, or spank. 

The E-stim Spiked Paddle is a two-sided paddle that offers two unique experiences. One side is flat and smooth, akin to a classic paddle design, and the other is equipped with 10 nickel-free, zinc alloy spikes that bite like little teeth, creating a memorable sensation without breaking the skin. These spikes also deliver satisfying zaps when users turn on the electrostimulation, with two intensity levels to choose from. The E-stim Spiked Paddle is covered in vegan-friendly, faux (PU) leather and is USB-rechargeable.

The E-stim Baton looks innocent at first glance, but this baton delivers 360 degrees of e-stim power across its entire surface. Users can choose between two different levels of intensity and position the baton differently to further intensify the stimulation. Sensation is more dispersed and less intense along the sides of the baton, while two round circles of metal at the top deliver a more intense, pinpoint sensation. Made out of zinc alloy and ABS plastic, the E-stim Spiked Paddle is nickel-free and phthalate-free.

The E-stim Crop features a metal rod covered in conductive tape with a vegan-friendly faux (PU) leather tip at the end equipped with two conductive metal buttons. Its firm handle is easy to hold and keep a good grip on, and the length of the crop has the kind of flexible form that is expected from a crop. The E-stim Crop offers two levels of electrostimulation and is USB rechargeable.

We are so excited about these new Zeus Electrosex impact tools,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “Shoppers are curious about both impact play and electrostimulation, and these tools give them options. While certainly not for the faint of heart, these e-stim impact tools give users the opportunity to explore new sensations and see how adding a little sting or zap can amplify their pleasure. XR Brands has the experience and know-how to do this type of product right, and we’re thrilled to keep growing this line for our customers.”