XR Brands partners with Curve

XR Brands has struck a strategic partnership with U.S.-based manufacturer Curve Novelties to enhance domestic manufacturing capabilities tenfold. Known for its Lollicock, Jock, and Mistress lines, Curve is currently expanding its North Hollywood, Calif., HQ to produce upwards of 5,000 pieces daily, and this newly minted deal will allow XR Brands to create more products with faster turnaround, all with heightened quality control.

This partnership will allow XR Brands to manufacture more of its products in the U.S., including strokers, lifelike dildos, other realistics, and celebrity-molded pieces. With an on-site sculpting department, XR Brands will gain the ability to take new toys from idea to physical sample in days and get access to Curve’s proprietary lifelike material, known for creating a realistic feel with no scent that holds its shape over time.

“Curve is one of the only U.S.-based manufacturers that pours, paints and packages their ‘Made in USA’ items 100% in the United States, and this partnership will allow us to grow our most popular brands even faster with greater QC,” XR Brands General Manager Rebecca Weinberg said. “Our customers will have access to the highest-quality American-made dildos, masturbators and molded celebrity pieces possible while placing orders with confidence. We’re excited to increase our productivity without the restrictions that can come from overseas manufacturing, and with all the mainstream press attention we’ve been receiving lately, this strategic partnership with Curve couldn’t have started at a better time!”

This partnership also will allow XR Brands to expand its private label business and more quickly expand some of the company’s dildo, stroker, and celebrity brands – including USA Cocks and Jesse Jane.

“Curve and XR Brands have a lot in common, especially with regard to business development, and establishing a mutually beneficial partnership like this was a no-brainer decision,” Curve CEO Patricia Ratner said. “We have been steadily expanding our U.S. manufacturing capabilities and Curve is perfectly equipped to collaborate with XR Brands at this level; I look forward to showing the industry what our two growing companies can produce together!”