New Oxballs products available at DUSEDO

DUSEDO has expanded its assortment with three new products from Oxballs.

AIRBALLS  24-Vent Ergo Ballstretcher: AIRBALLS has multiple drainage holes that make for lighter wear and double as holders for electro contacts. The ergo dip design and soft material make for comfortable wear.

AIRLOCK Rubbery Airflow Chastitiy: A built-in sling at the base creates a snug grip and keeps AIRLOCK in place. Holes throughout the shaft and at the tip double as drainage holes or to fit electro contacts. Bright color combinations and eye-catching design stand out and grab attention in your current offering. The soft material and affordable price point make this cage great for newbies looking to experiment with chastity.

SNAKE Max-Deep Cocksheath The lush, velvety plus+SILICONE™ material feels like the real deal. The tapered design and veiny texture are made for a seriously deep reach. SNAKE includes 3 bullet inserts that let you discreetly customize the inner fit and feel on your shaft. The base is designed for extra grip and to keep SNAKE snugly in place. The girthy size and eye-catching packaging grab attention and stand out in any offering.